The benefit of seeing a private dentist rather than an NHS dentist is we can offer time. The pressure to fullfill an NHS quota means time pressures equal shorter visits. A private dentist has the time to spend on prevention rather than cure. Longer appointment times mean we can get to know you, your history, your fears – if for example, you are a nervous patient.

School friendly appointments

We can offer early and late appointments times allowing for busy families to attend together. Especially when children get older and they also have time pressures with homework and after school activities. NHS dentists are not able to offer this flexibility.

Empathic Approach

Very often patients and also parents, come to see us for the first time with a degree of anxiety. The children may be scared, often from previous dental experiences or from misinformation from parents, siblings or friends; the parents may be uncertain of what is to be done and how we will deal with their child’s fear of dentistry. We understand those fears and uncertainties, and will do our best to show you our understanding by an empathic approach to both you and your child.

We explain every part of the procedure to the children before it happens, acknowledge anxieties and show the children that they do have the ability to deal with dental situations even though they are fearful. We believe that such experiences have a very positive effect on the child’s maturity.