Advantages of Private Dentistry

Private dentistry offers the latest treatment techniques and materials; we are able to offer the best option for each specific scenario. Our patients choose what they want and when they want it.

Without NHS limitations and the freedom this allows, we are able to offer the latest materials and use the latest techniques that leads to improved aesthetics, longevity, success rate, and patient experience What are the benefits of private dental treatment?

It allows enough time to provide a quality experience to patients. We are able use as much time as required to obtain the highest quality possible in terms of cosmetic finish, longevity of treatment, and patient experience, especially nervous patients.

It provides greater choice for patients. Treatment available on the NHS can be limited and often does not include cosmetic treatment that patients ask for, such as white fillings and posterior white crowns etc.

A better cosmetic result can be achieved that has a more natural look. We have far greater access to state of the art materials.

We can offer a more personal style of service. For those that require after work hours and phobic patients.

We are able to invest in our practice team, our equipment, our materials, and surroundings and so improve our services.

How do I know that the private treatment that has been suggested is really necessary?

We try very hard to establish relationships with patients that are based on a partnership and open communication.

We only provide care and treatment that is necessary or improves the appearance of the teeth should you wish this.

We will be able to describe exactly the proposed treatment, its benefits and any risks involved, as well as any alternatives that may be available.

If we’re suggesting a complex treatment plan, such as a bridge or dental implants, you will have the opportunity and time to consider the suggestion fully. This is all part of the process of gaining full and informed consent to the proposed treatment. And of course you are always free to change your mind.

How can I find out about the cost of private dentistry?

Our private fees are widely available in all surgeries at reception and are on the website. An exact quotation will only usually be possible after an examination as your clinical needs will determine the treatment our dentists will recommend.

You will be given the cost of the examination when making an appointment, as well as what it will cover, for example X-rays.

Written estimates and treatment plans will be provided for all courses of treatment.

Our private charges reflect the actual cost of providing the service, including the dentist’s staff, premises, equipment and the materials used.