Private Dentistry

  • The patient is control during the whole process
  • A wide range of treatments are available to you from fillings to all types of crowns, teeth straightening and whitening.
  • The dentist can spend more time on prevention rather than cure.
  • This means that your treatment can be better tailored to your individual needs.
  • As a private dental clinic, we are able to offer you the gift of time – time to discuss your case, time to identify the best treatment plan, and time to carry out that treatment to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • Private dentists tend to offer longer appointment times and do not have the pressure of having to achieve a certain number of ‘units of dental activity’ (pilot schemes are currently underway to see how UDAs can be phased out for NHS dentists).
  • Longer appointment times mean we can get to know your case, your history, your fears – if, for example, you’re a nervous patient -, and also what improvements you would like to make to your smile.
  • Offer evening and weekend appointments for routine check-ups and treatments to make it easier for you to fit your dental care around your busy life, not the other way round. NHS dentists are often not able to offer this flexibility,
  • We have greater choice with cutting edge laboratories offering the best materials and techniques.